This is probably quite random but anyway.....

I've just fractured my index finger on my left hand so I'm not able to play guitar for a while now. . So just out of curiosity, what injuries have you had, if any, that stopped you from playing your instrument.
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i had severe pain in my left arm after akwardly lifting a box a work and it hurt to play guitar, work out and do my job
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i had a bundle of steel roll over will unloading it and crushed my left hand, lost two nails and had another removed to relieve the pressure. that took about three months to get over my fingers were hypersensitive to any pressure put on them and no way i could fret the strings.
I tore a huge gash in the side of my hand and they had to stitch it back up, almost lost my index finger, and one day my appendix burst...
(knock on wood) i've not yet been injured in a guitar-related way. But i know a kid who was taking the trash out to the dumpster at his work, and he had his hand over the top edge of the dumpster, and the solid metal top fell off it's support and crushed his hand all the way across. He was outta commission for a while after that, but i heard he's better now.
Popped a shoulder once, fractured both wrists several times, broken every finger in my left hand and have some weird problem with my tendons where it hurts to open my hand flat.
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Fractured the knuckle on my right pinky once. It got all swollen and stuff and hurt when I tried to move it.
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