I can use my pinky just fine will playing regular riffs on the lower strings, but when I got play high on the neck/playing on high e and B stings. i can't play anything. Anyone have any advice/exercises that will help me on this?
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Check out Steve Vai's work out. John Petrucci's DVD also has a good workout routine, in fact, that is the only part of that I ever bothered to watch. There are a bunch of others, too.
My only advice would be to keep using your pinky. anytime you're tempted to stretch with your third finger to hit a certain note instead of working that little finger, resist it.

I agree with Matheau as well - use some of JP's workouts - they really help your finger independence and dexterity.
Try learning Velvet Revolver's Slither. The song kicks ass, and Slash's octave-higher version of the riff requires your pinky in a semi-difficult way. Or just do a ton of chromatics on the B and e strings.
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Also check your arm position
Guitar should be midlevel, prefably with the neck angled up ( the guitar in a classical position somewhat if it's suitable) and keep your wrist and forearm straight with your thumb on the back of the neck or behind those E and B strings so you get alot of leverage
Like has already been mentioned.... just start using it. Practicing some scales would be helpful as well. Basically you just have to use it and get used to it.
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Yeah, I have the same problem- I dislocated my pinky playing football, and so I have some trouble with it. It's fine when I play chords and such, but I can't use it at all when I'm playing scales, etc.
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do the regular old boring chromatic scales, and do Pinky-Pointer finger trills at varying speeds. then do bend exercises with your pinky. then after you have done that, practice rolling your pinky to get notes like this:

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a great exercise is to play any scale, building up the level of difficulty, in a three notes per string approach, but play it with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingers instead of the first 3, as you might be used to, this also works on the synchronisation of those weaker fingers.

ofcourse you cn also stick to thrills between the pinky and all other fingers, starting on the thin strings, working up to the thicker ones..
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