I'm considering buying an epi dot, but I want to know just how much gain it can take?

I'm more into big epic distortion, not scoopy mid metal.

Think Muse, Sigur Ros, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.
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i wouldnt call muse Big Epic Distortion users.

but they can tke as much as you give them but after overdrive i dont think it sounds too good
semi's are fine with gain since they have a center block, its full hollows and acoustics you have to watch out with.
A decent semi-hollow should be able to handle the sort of distortions your talking about. Can also help you get musical feedback too.
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Too much gain will give feedback, but for hard rock they can sound pretty great with high gain. Bands like the Foo Fighters are rather fond of using hollow-bodied guitars; and of course Malcolm Young of AC/DC has always used a hollowbody Gretsch.
pedricko, my m8 has a epi dot and with high gain it sounds AMAZING just epic like you said, i havnt played it too much but it sounds er...... nice.

In fact, out of all the levels of distortion weve use with it , the high gain for me cant be touched.
QOTSA, nuff said, he used the Dot and although not high gain it's hard rock level IMHO..

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i have a vintage Egmond 335 style guitar and its all hollow. feedbacks like a *****.

i have seen plenty "distortion" bands use semi's without trouble tho. Troy Van Leuveen(?), Wes Borland and Tom DeLonge all have signature semis and they use quite a lot of distortion, probably not Delonge so much nowadays....he gets his brown sound sticking his head up his arse OOOOHHHHHHHH

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