Basically I'm a fairly decent guitarist based in Wakefield. I'm looking to either form a band or join a band. See this blog for information on what kind of band I'd like to form: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Vermintide/blog/12391/

If I was to join an existing band, I'm really not fussed. I'm open to playing basically all styles of rock/metal, I don't mind playing rhythm or lead, and I can be a decent singer (mainly for backing, though.)

Check out my MP3s to see my playing style, the type of stuff I play, gear, etc etc. Generally looking to meet a few more musicians to hang out with and make some good music Obviously in the Leeds, Wakefield, Cas, Morley kind of area.

PM if you have any interest in joining me or recruiting me.
how easily can you get around coz i'm a bassist in guiseley but i'm only 15 so i cant drive or anything
im 16, i live in doncaster, i could probably join you in school hols after GCSE's are done, im a guitarist, im not to bad tbh. i can sing kinda good, best at harcore singing rather than melodic.