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My Name Is Maurice"GUN" Benton, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Memphis TN. I'm a student at Northwest Ms. Community College In Southaven MS. and a musican: Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist, Drummer, Songwriter, I'm looking to start a rock band. I'm looking for a Lead & Rhythm Guitarists, Bassist, Drummer. If you live in the Memphis, Downtown or Southaven Ms. area please contact me. I'm looking for musicans who are loyal and dedicated to the music!!! If your into Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Grunge, 80's Metal, Nu-Metal, and Screamo then i'm looking for you!!

If Interested You Can Contact Me By email gun_08@yahoo.com or myspace "GUN"
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I live in that area and play the guitar, I dont have one at the moment because of a house fire but that should be taken care of soon. All that I have right now is a PODxt live guitar effects processer. I have been playing for roughly six years, if you want to set up a time to jam just email me at Defink2012@hotmail.com