Hey! Yeah as the title says I'm a guitarist but I want to play some bass at home in my spare time. I'm looking for advice on what amp and what bass to buy! I wouldn't be gigging just jamming at home so I don't need a large amp at all. As for the bass, how is the Squier Standard Jazz bass? I love Fender Jazz basses but I can't afford one an this looks pretty good. How does it play and sound? Any other basses in this price range worth looking at ?

they're alright, but if you don't want to spend to much money....look at the squier stop dreaming and start plaing jazz bass pack, i think it goes for $249.99
its alright, i had the grs200fm for a year and it got the job done, but to compare the 2, i don't know, they're both about the same
Definitely go with the Squier Jazz. Amazingly cheap, amazingly good. It's one of the best values for a bass you'll find anywhere.