I recently found an Epiphone Wilshire re-issue. It's neat because it looks like a strat, but feels like an SG. Perfect for my tastes. It also has a neat little 'Bat-Wing' headstock. It only comes in white though. It would probably look awesome if the body were in green or a super dark blue. It's kinda like a strat/SG hybrid. It's pretty cheap though too. It's only like $250. It has Grover tuners so that's cool. I can't remember if the nut is plastic or graphite. The pots I may upgrade, the pickups sound just fine though.

I've read reviews on here about it. They say the neck has a weak joint. I'm sure the store could fix that though.

Right now I have a Piece Of S*** strat copy (back-up), and an Epiphone SG (main guitar)

So...yeah...everyone post if I should get this to replace my strat copy OR use this as my main and my SG as my back-up.