well all i got when I searched was a guitar sweeping page..

So Im trying to learn some bass sweeping, Ive been practing with just runs of arpeggios. I was wondering if anyone had any more advanced yet not insane bass sweeps. specifically ones where you have to move your fingers in the middle of a sweep.

Sorry if I'm not explaining it well or this has been brought up recently

also for the record I have a 5 string
I am not sure if Im doing it "right" but i downstroke with my thumb and upstroke with my pointer.
thats a little above my level, thanks though, Ill use that as a reference when I get more comfotable with tapping/sweeping,

just searched the web and found this for those who are in my situation
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I been practicing sweeping on bass but I use my thumb when picking up and down but using your pointer seems more logical so u dont get the sound of your fingernail
there is a basssweeping thread here somewhere...
my searchbar doesn't work today though...
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there is a basssweeping thread here somewhere...
my searchbar doesn't work today though...

No ones does.
Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I was taught to bass sweep alternating index and middle for the sweeps. Its a bitch to learn but when you nail the process down, its extremely efficient.
I always thought that would be the best idea. I think picking with your fingers fast would work really well. I'm just starting to sweep, so I wouldn't know yet.This is the technique I'll use, so I'll see what fruition comes from it.
I know many people use 4 fingers, one for each string, and then use the last finger to rake back down again. This seems logical, but you'd have to practice getting the fingers back into position again, which may take a while.
I use alternating fingers up and down when doing sweeps. Just takes practice
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