I don;t know if this is a right place for this message but I didn't found any better. I am sorry if this is not the place for my message

I own a site and I need people to record me lessons for money. $100 - $155 for 3 min video.

I can pay by bank or paypal.

I am looking for 7 more people.

If you got interested please contact me at olfien@gmail.com or olfien at gmail . com

thank you for your time.
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do u really have to post that u reported him, its a forum and doesnt make u seem like any more of a hardass u know..
Thanks Bales..

And its a covered item in the New User Q and As by the way. I'll "break" the rule here to get this out there if any of the newer folks don't know...I quote...

Reporting threads: There is an unofficial two-minute window for posting in a thread after it has been reported. Officially, doing otherwise will result in a warning. Now, this does NOT mean that you should post if it has not been two minutes! That window is merely there to protect people who may have been writing a reply when the thread was reported from unjust warnings. If a thread has been reported and you can see it, do not post in that thread. To report the thread yourself, click the button under the user’s post