Hey everybody. I'm looking at this guitar, it's an Agile AL-3000 Maple Topped EMG model.


I just had a couple questions:

1) Agiles, how good are they really? I've heard lots of praises, and for $500 it seems to good to be true. Am I better off getting a used ESP LTD 400/1000 off of Ebay?

2) The EMG's, how good are THEY really? I've heard they're awesome for metal, but blow for everything else. Do they add gain, or just work better WITH the gain already on your amp? Would they be moderately good for classic rock/hard rock?
Emg's are amazing for metal but if you get them your cleans will be shot. I guess for rock they wouldnt be a bad choice but Seymours fit the hard rock area a little better.
Does anyone have any clips of EMG's (81/85, 85/81, 81/60) on a crunch-type setting?

I know they're not the best for cleans, but I hardly use cleans anyway. Much more hard rock and some metal.
Never played an Agiles guitar but as for the EMG 81's and 85's I personally love them. I will have them on just about all my future guitars. The only guitar I own at this time that doesn't have them is my PRS, EMG's are outstanding for metal. If playing blues or country, there are better pick ups out there for that. It really depends on what music you want to play. Wish I was more help with the guitar.
It is possible to get good cleans out of EMGs, just use a 60 in the bridge rather than an 85. If you aren't going to play metal or hardcore then there isn't really much point in getting EMGs though.
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I'd go for the Agile AL-3000. I've got a 3000 too and it plays and sounds significantly better than an Epiphone Les Paul Standard (I've since sold the Epi) and at a much better price.

PLUS, you're ten times safer buying the Agile online than you are buying the ESP since the Agile is coming from Rondo Music and the ESP could be coming from anywhere. Even if something IS wrong with the Agile, Rondo has a terrific return policy.
Agile FTW.
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