i cant believe i didnt hear about this but it seems that the genius serial and experimental composer Karlheinz Stockhausen died last wednesday


his music is extremely challenging and i think alot of people have trouble understanding it. even i struggle with his work, and my music teacher does and hes a royal college of music graduate and about 60 now. i could only find one suitable vid of one of his works, and i cant help but feel that the woman playing it has butchered his work really. its not a strong performance really.


anyways, stockhausen will be a real loss to music though alot of people will not realise it. hes influenced alot, from electronic to the beatles, and its sad to see i think probably the last great serial composer die.
Not my kind of thing but R.I.P
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and thanks for introducing me to a very interesting composer. I've been searching around- he's done some really innovative things,
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Definetly not background music, unless you want to go insane.

Very interesting, I have several of his albums. Very creative.
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