A museum that I volunteer at asked me if I'd write some music to go along with a river exhibit. I suggested that I could try some surf rock type songs and they agreed, the only problem is I really don't know where to start. I've listened to Dick Dale and some B-52's but I don't have the faintest idea where to really start to write surf rock. Any suggestions on what type of chords/scales/effects I should use, or what other surf rock bands to check out for inspiration?
Full barre chords, make use of the whammy, use reverb, bridge pickup/ bridge and middle pickups, tremelo picking. Check out The Ventures, Los Straitjackets, The Surfaris. For more mellow stuff, check out Santo and Johnny's "Sleepwalk" because it is a classic.
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Get a tremolo pedal too. By the way, surf is a form of instrumental music, not necessarily rock.
A lot of surf songs use the blues scheme as it's an alternative of rockabilly. If you have a short, surf-sounding melody play it 2 times, then once in sub-dominant position (five notes higher), play it once on the root again, and finally play the start of it in dominant position (7 notes up) and change the end of the riff so it goes over the sub-dominant. Then play the root twice.

Check out "Wipe-Out" to see what I mean.

Oh, this is not a command by the way, just a popular method.
Ok, I appreciate all this advice, but I still have a few more questions, what should I set my amp settings to such as bass, treble, mid, and gain? And for bass how should I play it? Finger style or pick? (Any other suggestions would be appreciated for bass too)
I've been listening to the ventures for years, and it seems that they play major diatonic stuff, with nice vintage chorus tones. ^_^
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