Hey there UGer's,
I've basically come to the conclusion (again) that there's not much point in getting very fast and technical if i don't have a solid sense of rhythm, which will in turn help me with both lead work and also reproducing pieces of music accurately over and over.

So i've come here to ask for anything that you (if you did this route aswell) found useful and methods you felt improved your general rythm?

One idea i've had is to just play music in the background and keep a metronome on at a completely different time and get used to focusing on the steady beat i have going against the background stuff

But any tips or pointers would be most appreciated
dude, if you cant just feel it, i dunno how to help you.

practice defintally, but other than that... your effed
If you have guitar pro or a backing track, learn "puppies on acid" by Dream Theater, it is one chord and a basic solo, but don't bother about the solo but learn it if you want I'm on about rythm.

It's one chord but played in various time signature and it can be quite difficult, playing it with the tab infront of you on guitar pro is piss easy but try playing it without a backing at all and it gets hard to keep the various time signature exact, just learn this sort of stuff to get time signatures down.

As for rythm in general, metronome, backing tracks, drum machines etc.