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I'm just gererallly really happy these days. Like, everything is going right. Christmas is coming, my family, my relations with friends and girls, guitar, everything is just perfect.

It's just got me real upbbeat lately and I figured I'd see if anyone else is feeling the same way.

(Not to be confused, its not like everything is horrible sometimes, but verything is just like PERFECT these days. )
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I have to admit my life is starting to be happy again.
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You disgust me.

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My life is pretty great right now too. School is going good, I have a bunch of awesome friends, my family is amazing, etc.

I don't have a girlfriend, but I'm not gonna go cry about it or anything. Otherwise, I like how my life is going now.
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Yeah. I mean I'm healthy, my families healthy, their happy, friends are doing good.
I got my guitar. Honestly I can't ask for anything more except for things to keep up the way they are. I think its cause I'm thinking positively.
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I have to admit my life is starting to be happy again.

+ 1

It's definately starting ti brighten up yea
Yup, just got back from France, got asked out by 3 girls, eating a lot of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, battered a lad that I hate, and have his teeth to prove it!!
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when we're "happy" or "sad", that doesnt reflect how well our life is going, truly.

it merely reflects how well this point in our life is going, on comparison to other points in our lives, not on comparison to every other possibility.
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Argh, everything is going well just not the girls part...

GAH. Got cheated on about 2 months ago and nothings picked up since

Santa, bring me a kick ass girlfriend
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Yeah, come to think about it, it really is great, just today i sold 2 third world countries to a belgian business man. Oh and i stole all the rice from that vocab game, I'm gonna rain it onto NYC on new years eve. Pretty cool eh?
Thats kind of weird, I've been in an extremely good mood for like the past month and a half.
I've been better before, but things haven't been bad lately at all. My GPA is a little down lately, but I'm having goods times with a lot of friends. Single, but not really looking in particular, just partyin' around and such.
Got no real friends, never a girlfriend, not a job, school could certainly go way better...

However, I've got a computer with linux, a word processor, the internet, my guitars, an amp... As well as an ample supply of noodles, different varieties of pasta and pizza - and beer...

What else do I need? I'm happy.
I'm a communist. Really.
Things aren't going too well, I've been ill and stuff, also relationships (girls, friends and family) have been pretty ****ty.
But I suppose I'm pretty happy, people are worse off and things will get better. No point crying over it.


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well i got a gf last weekend so you know how i feel aswell guitar is great right now too but i got back from the ER on thursday soo ya.
my girlfriend that i was engaged to broke up with me a few weeks ago, and is at her new boyfriend's house right now. and my guitar is in the shop, but i have no job and no money to go pick it up and pay for it, life sucks.
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My life is good but the lack of a girlfriend at the moment kind of ruins it slightly.
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Thx keine_lust, I probably would've missed the chili's if it wasn't for you

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Hell no, let's see:

-stressed preparing for college, too much to do with school
-need to find a job
-need to get a license
-my phone just got stolen so I have to deal with that
-I lack sleep every night as I'm too stressed at night to get to bed early so in the middle of the day, I'm almost falling asleep in school.
-My tests grades are slipping.

It sucks.
I'm getting an amazing laptop in a couple of weeks, I'm signed, I'm supposed to be headlining my school's band night when that happens, and my friends are the best people in the world. I'm currently drinking english pressed apple juice, and listening to the russell brand show.

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Life is always good. The very fact that I am still breathing is pretty awesome. Heck, this year has been terrible, my grandpa is dying of cancer, we probably have to have xmas at the hospital this year, had to drop college classes, money is low, got in an accident, no girlfriend. But I'm still alive and kicking so that counts for something.
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i like my life right now... ive got a great girl who i want to marry when i get outta college, ive got my guitar, im in college
the only negatives, im 2 hours away from my girl, and i dont have a ton of friends in school
but overall im liking my life right now
~~~~~~~~ The Good In My Life ~~~~~~~~~
My girlfriend told me that she love me for the first time, just last night.
My GPA isn't all F's for the first time ever.
My guitar is going great, a friend (bassist) and I are playing a small show in January.

~~~~~~~~ The Bad In My Life ~~~~~~~~
Im broke, but money can't buy you happiness.
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You disgust me.

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bro u are definately gay

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A backstabbin' bitch who calls himself the 'oracle'?

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UG loves me so much. Do you?

I'm glad your lifes going good.
I''m making horrible grades in school (failing two classes), I never feel like doing anything, except occasionally playing guitar. I recently got kicked out band for not "fitting in".
so no i don't feel the same.
My life would always be good if it weren't for school. Not that it's really bad now.
Nope, my life has gone somewhat downhill the past couple of months.

6 months ago, life was great.

Now it's not.
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No, I'm really not enjoying life right, though it could always be worse. Work and school are dominating my life, I work weekends, with terrible hours, something like 5-11, and on sundays, 9-4 ish.

So not much time for friends, except my couple close ones who are now going to university, and I stayed back for a 5th semester (which blows). I've outgrown high school, even more so then before. Have to deal with all these younger kids, and jailbait girls, and their annoying mannerisms and personalities.

I want to play guitar more, but I've got no motivation/time, I want a relationship, but again, not much time, and I'm very picky because of my musical preferences, which hasn't stopped me in the past, and probably won't now, but most girls I deal with day to day either have boyfriends, or I really don't care for.

All I do for fun is listen to music. I've blown so much money on cds in the past months it's funny, even though I download as well, I still feel compelled to buy. I like finding rarities, that I usually never seen anywhere. So I've got a lot of albums on the computer and in my bedroom that I want to listen to a lot more, but again, time is a factor.

Hopefully, after I'm done school (at the end of Jan.) I'll have the marks I need to get in to uni, and have a lot of extra time until sept.

Oh and I've done some reading lately, and now I feel like I'm on this existenialist journey, trying to find the truths in this place, and my reason for existence, why I should even go to university. Nothing is stable in my mind.

But I don't mind that so much, if I was totally content..I wouldn't feel natural.
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Im more like the guy from Office Space.

Every day gets worse, so every day is the worst day of my life

Like yesterday, i missed a train going home from school and was stranded three towns away.

Or today,where i went to one of two road-rage classes (which btw i do not have) that are mandatory after your liscense gets revoked

Not to mention my ever-lasting lack of sleep,the un-explained pain in my whole left leg,ive been single for god knows how long now,and the growing need to slaughter all musicians who ever recorded any Christmas song.

That and more, all in a days work!
Life was good, but this 3 Doors Down song came on the radio, and now everything's gone to sh*t.
I'm almost there. It'll be perfect when I get my first college acceptance letter and I can stop worrying about that, and my grades aren't awful but they aren't what they could be, but I'm doing great otherwise. I've really got the best group of friends there is, and the importance of that is really apparent these days.
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