What do all of you on UG think of Godin's guitars ?
I played this Exit-22 guitar in the store today and it sounded pretty sweet with a Line6 Spider model.
But what I would like to know before purchasing:
What artists that play metal, rock, or punk use Godins ?
I am The Great Cornholio !
I need T.P. for my bunghole !
i love mine.
got a sdxt model... $320, seriously the best guitar i've ever played for anything in that price range. feels great, sounds great, and its made in canada/us.

very versatile guitars in my opinion.
Dude they are excellent guitars, i've had a Godin SD as my first guitar, and had it for 4 years, between that time i've also owned an epiphone casino and an Ibanez RG350DX none of which suited me better than the godin, i'll always keep it cause its an excellent guitar and my first .
the scorpions, 3 days grace and nine inch nails used it so they must be good
I am The Great Cornholio !
I need T.P. for my bunghole !
Godin solidbody performance series are american-made and offer simply stupid bang for your buck.
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Anything from LaSiDo.... Godin, S&P, A&L, Seagull, La Patrie(Norman??)=major whomping bang for your buck. Had my S&P since 98 and it's the pride of the fleet.

I've played a couple of seriously awesome acousticasters, but the G.A.S. hasn't led to a purchase quite yet. One of the best features of anything Godin related is the necks. A1-awesome playability.
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very high quality guitars

but I don't like the finishwork they do on the electrics.