Hi guys!! i'm kinda of new here and a newbie in playing guitar(one year) and I need a new guitar, the squier it's not capable of what i now need so...
Wich one is the best?!

LTD EX-50 Black
Vortex V EX BK Black??
Please answer
i prefer ESP but its just my opinion and i dont know too much about peaveys.. :P what kind of music do you play?
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Did some 2-minute research and couldn't find either guitar on Musicians friend, but both companies make good guitars. I would get the ESP because I play classic metal, But it really depends on the style of music you play. try'em out on the same amp and see which one you like better
It's generally a good idea to stay away from the low-end LTDs.

What's your price range?

What country do you live in?

What amp do you have?
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Get the Peavey. It's a vastly better guitar. I've played one and they play so incredibly well for the price, and the pickups are actually decent. It's much better than any ESP under the 400 series.

EDIT: If you like explorer shapes like the ESP EX, then you might want to check out the Peavey Rotor EX. It's basically the same as a Vortex but with an explorer shape.
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