ok, so here is a poem I wrote, I'm wondering if it will make a good song

A world obsessed w/ beauty
Convience is an asset
As consumption takes hold
Talent takes a backseat

The old man sits
weeping, for a loss
the world ignores

Red is the sun
and grey is the sky
as the eve of existance
has come.

So little time left.
So much left undone.

Pink houses on the horizon
fields on fire, the world
sinks into a dark abyss
red hands push up the sky.

Water consumes land, no one
can escape our mothers' quite
wrath. We did so musc w/ out
remorse, we changed little over

The guns fire at a naked dawn

Save us now.

The soldiers cry in bloody agony.
we hunger for more when
there is none to be had.

Good advice for a stupid man.