okay i just bought my PS3 and i need to find some games to ask for Christmas

i like shooting, war, violence

and sports (extreme or national) are cool too
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Heavenly Sword looks sweet. Also Call of Duty 4 is awesome.
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I really liked the new Armored Core game for the ps3. Giant robots with giant robot guns and lasers. What more can you ask for?
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Call of Duty 4. I played it on 360 but it should be just as good if not better for PS3.
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Where i work:
Call of Duty 4. My friend has a ps3, and that game is awesome. He tells me the online is also pretty cool, but I've only ever played it offline. It's really challenging, and covers: war, shooting, and violence. Awesome game, my friend and his brothers beat the entire game on Veteran (he's much more of a gamer than myself)


If you like to play online, Warhawk is also a pretty fun game. It's only online- no offline play at all. But it's intense if you like multiplayer action.

Resistance: Fall of Man was pretty fun, with some challenges. You should consider that one, too.

But just like guitars, amps, and effects, you should always try out before buying.
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Call of Duty 4 is pretty awesome. I have resistance fall of man to and heard it was really good although I havn't played it yet I hear its basiclly halo but for PS3. Sports games, NBA 2K8 is really good and skate is sic to. If you want extreme type stuff wait until MX or something comes out and do not buy motorstorm its pretty average.
If your at all into racing games get DIRT. Its pretty much the best rally / racing game i've ever played.
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Motorstorm, CoD 3 and 4, Oblivion.

NBA Live 08, Madden 08
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