Hey guys, I just have a quick question. I own a Strat, and while I love the single coil vibe, I need something with a little more punch. I like the idea of either the SD Hot Rails.

My question, though, is this: Are the HR's to hot for classic rock/blues (think Cream)/classic metal (think Sabbath)? Or should I go with the Vintage Rails?

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i think they would be fine
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and you could always just turn down the tone if it's too hot and get 250 k pots. but normally humbuckers get a warm tone.
oh yeah, you may want to look into keeping the singles and getting an EMG afterburner.
the amount of "punch" may be affected by your amp.
^they're different kind of sound compared to single coils. i'd say you can't go wrong with true single coils, but in this case, getting a single coil sized PAF voiced humbucker won't hurt. Seymour Duncan makes a single coil sized humbucker called "Little '59", which i had in my strat, didn't sound that bad.

and if i ever look into active preamps from EMG, for him wanting fatter sound, i'd get the SPC Strat Presence Control. it's a mid boost unit.

I'm little against rails tho. they never please my ears.
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i have a sd hotrail in my neck position and i play cream and claptonesque stuff and i love the smooth warm tone that gives an easy bb king style overdrive
no need for distortion or gain just ur amp on full and the hotrail... ohh im away to play now
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I have hot rails in my strat and its great for heavy metal (iron maiden and such). I'd say that the jb jr. by seymour duncan would be a good choice. But the HR should be just fine
Or you could install a series/parallel switch, then you'll get some more humbucker-like sound, for less cash.
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if the SD hot rails have 4 wires you can add a coil tap so you have a humbucker, but switch to single if you choose.