Right, we recently kicked out our second guitarist and we now only have me on guitar, Obvioulsy we dont sound as full or powerful as we did live before, but we want to remain a 4 piece.

Is there anything i could add to my rig, or to the whole band setup, or anyway we could eq the guitar and bass so that it sounds like it did before?

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Maybe.... try to add some extra and harmonic notes, on the bass side, when you are playing a solo.! I've been strugeling with that thing for some time, but we managed to get out of it with just a person on keyboard.
And maybe, learn your singer some power chords, or something, that'll make up for the lack of a 2nd guitarist, and sorry for the english, i'm from Denmark :P
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And with the powerchord and singer, that is in the solos, so the singer doesnt have to just stand still, and look stupid, but can add something to the solo
Esp Eclipse II VTB :i i fucking love her.
Gold and black on 1 guitar = succes
Effects on the bass can do wonderful things, especially fuzz, you'd be amazed how much liberal use of a Big Muff makes you sound 'bigger'
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Were you the lead guitarist?

Personally I usually find bands with a single guitarist better!

Exceptions are Skynyrd and BLS... :P

But as far a sounding 'thicker' how about chorusing some rhythms, making sure you have solos dialed in to compensate for the sound maybe, or possibly adding a keyboard player?

May not be suitable since you may not be that kind of band :P

Also, what about using loop stations/backing tracks?

Not as in the usual way of playing a backing track and miming :@, but actually using it lol
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Cream, Led Zeppelin, The Jimi Hendrix Experiment all had one voice, one guitar, one bass, one drum kit. It can obviously be done even though these aren't wildly heavy bands. Listen to some of their stuff (and other stuff more similar to whatever your style is too) to see how they do it.
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Use as many strings as you can to play a chord or powerchord. You could try out some chorus, a harmoniser etc. Get bigger amps...
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Screw that, you guys can sound powerful just the way you are, just look at Pantera's live vids!!