Saw these guys play a show last night in a little surf shop outside of Long Beach, and they put on one hell of a show. Felt like I was at a Warhol warehouse party in sixties. They kinda have a 60's surf rock/folk/psychedelic sound. Really good. Check these guys out.

If you haven't heard this band definately check out their myspace...


you can buy their album on itunes. Has like 25 songs on it. It's the only album they have i think, it's called "greatest hits".
It's been 6 years and these guys still kick major ass. One of the greatest bands of the 2010s. Similar to the Doors but better, I would say (and I love the Doors). Seen them twice and both times they are mindblowing. This music will last a long time.
I've got a couple songs of theirs of iTunes, and their Daytrotter session. I like them well enough.

Do they have a full album that's good all way through?
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