So I've been playing for atleast 5 years now and I still play with my good ol' Squier Strat. It's time for change. But, I've been thinking about this for months and I can't decide what to get. I play a lot of Radiohead, Muse, Against Me!, Beck (alternative, punk, rock) stuff, so that'll help.
My choices so far:
Gretsch Electromatic
Fender Telecaster or Telecaster Custom
Some sort of Ibanez

Suggestions welcome.
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Get a black telecaster without a pickguard, they look ****ing nice.
or get the Ibanez XPT700, that looks ****ing ment
Esp Eclipse II VTB :i i fucking love her.
Gold and black on 1 guitar = succes
fender telecaster sounds like a good choice
do you like the feeling,sound of a strat? and whats your price range
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I don't know, $500-600?
I like the feel of Strats, but I love rock sounds too from humbuckers too.
I love the body on that... but if those are EMG's I'll pass, I've never liked those.
. 2 tapped Duncan Designed Superock humbuckers let you play thick and meaty, or give you jangly single-coil sounds. One of the more versatile guitars around.

lol no emgs which is why i said it isnt one of those crazy metalhead ibanez
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Hmm, well than it does sound kind of interesting. Hope they have something similar at Long Mcquade.
A HSS Strat might be a good bet giving you the best mix possible between humbucker crunch and 'that' Strat sound.
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I was thinking of getting a Telecaster Custom, then replacing the pickups to Duncan JB/59 combo. Good or bad idea?
How about this Tele ?
It has 2 humbuckers and coil-tapping as well. I think it goes for about 630 USD

EDIT: It says the pickups are Fender-designed but their really Seymour Duncans (a Pearly Gates at the bridge and a '59 at the neck)
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I'd totally buy that - but I prefer to buy in stores, so I just hope they'll have it at some local places.