Hey, I live in the houston area and we had a gig at a certain location ( is you were there). Anyways my main concern is that there were talent scouts there who signed (well not really signed but were interested in) maybe a band or two. Ok well I dont want to come cross as egotistical or self-centered or anything but our band is really popular around the area. I mean we knew half, if not more of the people there (they werent even from our school or anything, these were strangers), and they were fans of ours.

So it turns out that we put on an exceptional show for everyone there (forgive my bluntness) and we met with an overwhelming response of cheers, even an encore. Talent scouts came along but didn't even talk to our band. Everyone else at the gig was pretty good too but I felt, and so did our fans, that we were "short-changed"

After some thought, the only reason I could see why the talent scouts scouted those 2 certain or so bands was because of their look. The band had their whole hair done w/ that emo cut (see Drop Dead, Gorgeous) and the other was decked out in black suits complete with shoes . The bands were indie/metal-core/emo sounding.

I began to wonder if bands are starting to get signed because of they way that the people look. I don't wanna sound racist but I feel that talent scouts look for bands that have a dominant caucasian or european background first as opposed to having mixed band members in the band (AKA my band).

Your thoughts?
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I was hoping for a huge paper length response to help make me feel better, but your explanation makes sense. Im dancing too btw
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Stare at her intensively, with your hand on your crotch.
What style is your band? and if you have any music recorded can you link me?
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yeah, people only sign bands which can sell nowadays.

take heart, make good music, don't change yourself or your band to get famous and dig music as much as you can.
Getting signed is overrated. It sounds like you guys are doing good. Don't worry about getting signed. The important thing is continue making good music, do it because you love it and not because you want to get signed.

The market changes. Dont change to try to appeal. Be uourselves and do what you want to do. Sooner or later the market will change and you guys might turn out to be that band whos been doing that for years and will have cred behind your name