Anybody else have one? I've had it for a while, it's the first guitar I've ever had (good price - $150, but sometimes you get what you pay for). I like it, but then again I've never played a better guitar. I suppose I'd like gay sex too if I never knew women existed. I want to know how it compares to other guitars. Is it a good axe to learn on or is it really worthy of being compared to gay sex?
Good axe to learn on I suppose. The tuners are real bad. But it let's you save up more for your amp and/or your second guitar when you get better.
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^agreed. Quite a bit nicer than any squier strat (imo), but nowhere close to a higher- end epi or a gibson. It may sound a little nicer with a pickup change, but putting $200 worth of nice pickups in a $150 guitar is a bit counter- productive.
Ya my first guitar too thats when i first started about 3 years ago. (sold it)
The action on it is horrible and the neck is really thick and pickups not that great either. Before you buy a guitar you should try lots of different guitars to see which one fits your playing style the best, sounds good and feels good.