Anybody own or played a Hohner B Bass? I was looking at one this afternoon and am considering buying it the price is $170.00 but the neck is bowed quite a bit I am pretty sure it's a truss rod adjustment. I played it for a while and it's not bad even with the neck problem. It has active pups neck thru with some type of Stienberger bridge/tailpeice. I am going to try and talk them down to $150.00. They have another Hohner bass (headless) as well for $280.00 roughly. The neck on this guitar is really thin and was wondering if a lighter gaige string might help take some of the tension off the neck.

I played a BBass once, it was okay, nothing special. I prefered the headless.
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Do I see some sort of tremolo assembly?
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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..
I played with the lever attached to the bridge and I couldn't figure it out unless it has something to do with the fine tuners maybe a locking system? I didn't fool with the fine tuners.

i had a 5 string B bass for years, loved it. i highly recommend it, after an action adjustment of course. paid $250 for mine.
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Fitz, it's a D-Tuner. I used to think bbasses were amazingly beautiful haha, now, not so much.

I'm giving my vote for the Hohner headless thingy, I've played this one, and it was PERFECTLY set up. And you can carry it about in a banjo case, how metal is that.
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Well I bought it! This make guitar #32 in my collection. I got them down to a buck and a half! ($150.00) I got it home cleaned it up and wow, it looks good! I tuned the guitar at the shop and it was so out of tune someone had cranked the srtings way too tight probably to warp the neck and when I relieved some of the tension the neck lost a lot of the bow. The string were very heavy I will replace them with a lighter gauge. I loosened the truss rod and will let it sit over night. Even with the neck the way it was it still sounded great it just took a little more finger pressuer to play. I had them put a new battery in it and tried it with the pups on and it really made a difference.
I could not get them to budge on the headless one.

I got to get a decent bass amp now all I have is a Fender Rumble 15 and it s*cks. I'll keep looking for a decent used one.

I figured out the lever when I took the bridge apart to clean it. Never saw that on a bass before can't wait to try it out.

grats on the bass
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Nice Bass.

I happen to own two BBasses - a 5 and 6 and I love them both. I believe they are excellent value for money - they take a bashing like nothing else.

The only thing I'd look out for is that in some models, if the tone knobs are set far apart, they can produce a bit of buzzing.
I had one of the headless 5's with the Steinberger bits on. Lost it to a pawn shop...
They really are the dog's bollocks, built like a brick sh*thouse, but nice and light.

You are to be congratulated on #32...are the other 31 as eclectic?
After playing this bass and really loving it, I decided to buy the other Hohner, the headless one they had and someone beat me to it. That one was priced at almost $300.00. I really like the way this bass sounds and plays so much I am amazed they are not more popular.

I can used the drop tuning lever as a whammy for the E string! LOL I haven't figured out how it works for dropped tuning, it drops the string way too low.

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Shame about the Jack bass. The price sounds about right, but keep looking; they've made plenty of them and they are under-rated, so they get sold for peanuts by people who simply must have a brand name!

Detuner sounds like fun tho...
Truthfully, before seeing the one I got I never heard of them making basses or guitars I thought they just were famouse for their Harmonicas. They own several companies I know of well too. Daddy's has a nice Hohner Guitar with a Pearl Blue top and head stock and it's called the Pearl. I sat down with that and played ity and thought it was a nice guitar as well. I am hoping the person that put in on hold decides on something else. They told me they would give me a call if it becomes available. The actual price on the bass was $279.00 I figured I could get them down a few bucks to $250.00. I'll look around for another and who knows I might get an even better deal. I just like Daddy's because I can toss in on my charge and pay for it later.