changed the tube on my valvetronix and sounds ten times bettor
this made me think what would be the ultimate tube for this amp
i got three diff tubes a sovtek, an Electro harmnix and this grove tube tube
try them all and see what sounds best? get an all tube amp and change them all around so its more fun? i've heard good things about a speaker change too if you were thinking of more mods
i dont have money for a tube amp yet but out of all of the the Electro harmonix sucked the sovtek was second and the grove tube was the winner more punchy and it just brought a lot of life to the amp i didnt know it could sound this good i jacked the groove tube from an old twin reverb i saw at a pawnshop im surprised it still works
i changed out the stock EHX for a Svetlana and it sounded nice. sounded Woody-er and more tube like. but changing the stock-sh1t speaker would make a Much bigger impact on the sound.
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