Um I cant use the search bar or i would have searched it but, how exactly do you flamenco(not sure of spelling). But i know people like les claypool use it i just cant seem to get it right. Anyone think they could direct me?
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Flamenco is a Spanish/latin style of music that uses finger playing on guitar.

In terms of using it on bass, it is a matter of adapting a "classical" style right-hand technique. Basically you use your thumb, index and middle finger to pick the strings.

I have seen this fingering extended so that you use all the fingers on your right hand, each one plucking a specific string. You want to aim for a constant fluid motion with all your fingers.

Check out some flamenco and classical pieces and maybe you'll be able to adapt some techniques from playing them.
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ive seen some really cool bass flamenco using that double thump slap technique

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