Well... I just traded my Behringer V-Amp LX112 in for a Vox AC15. I pick it up Monday!!! Its kind of a long story why I dont have it right now but it involves locking my keys in my car . Anyways, I am trying to decide what to do for XMAS. My parents are giving me a $200 limit to get what I want. Here are the things that I want:

1. Digitech JamMan Pedal
$299 new. $150-200 used on eBay

2. Guitar Wah Pedal
1. Vintage 70’s Maestro BG-2 Wah Pedal -Used $100

2. VOX V847 – Wah Pedal
$99 new
Cheaper used $30-50 on ebay
3. Vox V848 – Wah
About $90 used on ebay

3. Drum Machine
Zoom MRT3B Micro Rhythm Trak Drum Machine - $99 New. Used on eBay – around $50

Snowboard Helmet
Red Hi-Fi Helmet - $100 at the-house.com or at local snowboard shop

I am trying to decide between getting

1: Used JamMan by itself
2: Used Maestro Boomerang Pedal/Snowboard Helmet
3: Snowboard Helmet/Used Drum Machine/Used Vox Wah

I will eventually get all of these things because I really want/need them. I am kinda leaning towards getting the snowboard helmet with something because I want to protect my brain while snowboarding (been riding 9 years without) but I really want a JamMan pedal because I want to be able to solo to my rythyms. The people I jam with cannot play rythyms as fast/tricky as I play. I can solo to their slower/less complicated rythyms but I want to progress my playing. Anyone got any suggestions that might make my decision a bit easier?!?
get the vox used wah pedal. and get snowboard helmet so u can do something else besides jamming on guitar.
Option 3!!

Tell us the story, or it didn't happen!!
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Its not the most interesting story but here goes... I went to the guitar shop to trade in my amp and get the Vox. When I got to the checkout my credit card was declined. I said that there was no way it was declined because it had $0 on it because I haven't used it since I paid it off back in February or March. Anyways... I ran up to the bank up the street to go check out what was up with it. It turns out that I had reported the card lost (I lost my wallet in the summer) and forgot about it. So I went out to my car, stuck my keys in the ignition, and proceeded to call the number on the back to reactivate the card. I couldn't reactivate the card so I went back into the bank to have a new one sent to me and came out to my keys locked in the ignition (car not on). I had to walk home (6 miles) in the snow with no hat or gloves. I stopped at the guitar shop on the way to throw the amp on layaway until Monday so I did not have to take my old amp back. Then I proceeded to walk home with my tail between the legs. It was probably all for the better though because I have exams next week and I need to get some studying done this weekend. That would not have happened had I had the new amp!

Anyways... in hindsight, I was hoping for people to say option three. I guess thats really what I wanted . I got a question about the drum machine though. I havent ever used one. I want one because I for some reason cannot play to a metronome that well but I can play in time perfectly with drums. Does a drum machine have its own speaker or do I hook it through my amp or something?