Well, my 5th string basically unwinded / rotted itself when i palm muted/strummed too hard, i guess.

it let me trem loose, and now according to this guide


I have to get a 'trem jammer' of sorts...

With one string completely off (except for the broken part at the bridge, which im about to try to remove), will my guitar be alright? Ive heard that if you restring an edge pro style you should do it one by one to not mess with the trem, but this guide says all at once... and the trem is already messed up from this break. Would it be ok to leave as is, or would that mess with my guitar?

What should i do?
You only put a block in there to keep the trem from going out of alignment when changing strings, and you can use almost anything (a 9 volt battery works pretty well).

See the link in my sig for more info.
Ignore that guide, you don't take all the strings off. Just replace the strings one by one, you'll find that when you replace a string and bring it up to tension then the other strings will drop back into tune.
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