This is where you discuss anything to do with sharing or searching for certain tones.To start it off I'd like to know how to get the vocal tone from the chorus of "I'd love to change the world", but for a guitar...any ideas?Chorus starts at 0:48
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It'll sound like crap if you do.

yeah I know, I tried it but never with the mod in the link
This thread is great idea TS but unfortunately someone else had the idea before you. Its called the "Ultimate Settings Thread", Its stickied in the Guitar Gear and Accessories section.
tone chasers go everywhere other than one thread. I go all over my town looking for different guitars, effect pedals, amps, strings, anything. i'm even going overseas to japan to check out some Made in Japan guitars. I also go to TGP (thegearpage.net) to check stuff out. if this is one and only thread for tone chasers, it definitely fails. we're all at the secret thread.
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