I want to get a new guitar for Christmas, and I know for sure that I want 24 frets (I have an Ibanez RG) but I want a whammy bar as well, and it seems that 24 frets + whammy bar = Floyd Rose. Now, I'm not necessarily opposed to the floyd rose (I LOVE Steve Vai) but from what I hear, setting up a FR can be a b**ch. My question is: How does a beginner learn to set up a Floyd Rose, and how long/often does this take? I tried googling it, but I can't get a good answer on how to do it or how much I would need to do it. I don't want to get a Floyd Rose guitar if its going to be a pain to take care of.

BTW I was thinking either a Prestige or JEM if I was going this way, expensive I know :P
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there are plenty of tutorials, lemme find you some.

Edit: here is one

if you have any questions just ask.

If it is your first time just go slow and try not to get frustrated.
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I have a JS1000 Ibanez with the Lo-Edge Trem. It takes a couple of times to get accustomed to changing the strings properly. You have to be pretty careful not to scratch and ding up the neck when you feed the strings through as well. The #1 thing people do not do properly when setting up their own guitar is Stretch the strings. This is at the very least a 5 minute job..... usually around 10 minutes. Once you have them wound and starting to take tension you got to pull and stretch those baby's until you can pull, bend, and stretch the string out and it will not alter it's tone. This is incredibly crucial if you want to have tuning stability on a Flyod or Floating trem system.

Once the strings are stretched and up to pitch it's a whole other ballgame efficiently getting the guitar in tune. Since the bridge "floats" if you tighten 1 string you flatten all the rest. Vice versa..... so here's what I do

Low E tune to F#
A tune to B
D tune to E
G tune about 1/2 step sharp
B tune just slightly sharp
Fine tune the high E and usually when you go back and check the other strings they are usually close enough to fine tune.

Then lock the neck nuts and use the bridge fine tuners to bring it perfect.

Sounds like a lot of work but it's worth it when you can play for days and not have to worry about your guitar slipping out of tune..... unless you're really aggressive with the Trem or 2 1/2 step bends. Even then if you've stretched the strings properly you will always be able to control the tuning with the bridge tuners and not hae to unlock the nuts at the neck.

As far as "SETTING UP" a guitar with a Floyd..... that is something that should be left to a specialist at a shop or your set-up guy. Changing string guages from a 9 to a 10 or 11 guage will Demolish your action, intonation, bridge angle, spring tension......ect ect.

You'll want to take it in every 6 months or so for proper set-ups...... but you can manage the string changes and such at home no problem after a few practice runs.

My set up guy charges $45 for setting up my Satriani Ibanez. $35 for my Strat and Les Paul.
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