Im new to all of this! Im learning all the modes so i got at least 7 although im learning some of the same modes with different fingering. This is cuz the root note for some of these scales are located on a different string, hence a differently played scaled is need (from what i can tell).

Anyway so im just curious to know how many scales you guys know?
A lot. And there are, a lot. There are more than I know and care to know, because I don't think I'll be using the Mandarin Scale when I do solos in Punk/Advent Garde stuff.
lol, someone on UG a while back calculated the exact number of scales possible. It was a stupidly big number.

I only know the major/minor scale, although I'm learning the harmonic minor scale and its modes.

But when I want a new feel, or want to sound different, I dont go looking for new scales. I start testing out which accidentals work and start getting creative with my phrasing. Before I knew what I knew now, I tried to learn many different scales. In the end I forgot most of them as it was a really boring experience.
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Well, there are a few different scales.
You got your Major, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian (Natural Minor), Locrian, and they're just your basic Modes.
Then you have your Melodic Minor, Dorian b2, Augmented Lydian, Dominant Lydian, Mixolydian b6, Half Diminished, and Super Locrian.
Then there are the Harmonic Minor, Full Diminished, and multiple Gypsy and Spanish scales, not to mention the Pentatonics and multiple other scales which have no possible use outside of certain niche genres.
There are so many scales out and possibilities beyond the basic Pentatonic scales (which don't have to be basic), but in the end, it's not how many scales you know, it's how you use them.
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I just know the two different forms of the major scale, the pentatonics, and the basic modes.
lol, someone on UG a while back calculated the exact number of scales possible. It was a stupidly big number.

given twelve tones it's only 4095 I believe. You can see how many of each with a simple combination. For example with pentatonics you can type '12 choose 5' into google and you'll get 792 possible pentatonic scales.

However, you can allow for different ascending and descending scales, or not limit the amount of tones. The real possibility is endless.
I know pentatonic, melodic, octatonic, mixolo, frygian, ionian, dorian, major and dominant 7
(except pentatonic, melodic I rarely use all those scales)
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The 7 modes
the 7 modes of harmonic minor
the 7 modes of melodic minor
some exotic scales like byzantine, hirojoshi, egypt, etcetc
the two diminished scales
wholetone scale
Some other randoms like bebop, etcetcetc
All my arpeggios
any good western musician should at least be familiar with the following:

major scale
minor scale
7 major scale modes, and why the minor scale is actually a mode
major and minor pentatonic scales
harmonic minor
melodic minor
diminished scales
a scale is more than any fingering.
i used to study a lot of scales, now i just use the chromatic scale and only play the pitches that feel good.
Major and all its modes, major/minor pentatonics, melodic/harmonic minor, and blues
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Just the pentatonic major...But hopefully I'll find a lead guitarist to take care of soloing and verse riffs for me haha!
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lol, someone on UG a while back calculated the exact number of scales possible. It was a stupidly big number.

It was ME!!!!!!

Don't know quite that many though.
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