ok im buying a new guitar soon to add to my collection
a cort EVL X-6 or a ltd MH400?

i play metal and i want the one tht overally feels better and has a better trem and the neck feel is good.

thnx peeps!
Cort? I was sure that was crappy low-end guitars.
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Be a real man, buy epiphone :P

but seriously, TBH, both of them are average, but the LTD is the better of the 2
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Anyway. There isn't a guitar called EVL X6. So I am assuming that you are talking about the X6.

Spec wise MH400 pwns the X6 (being twice as expensive) But imo the neck on X6 is a lot nicer. Also the trem is very good. (I have 1 for 2 years now) Whereas the LFR on MH400 can be a bit dodgy.

May I suggest the X-custom (duncans) or the X-th (EMGs). Both are less expensive than MH400 but better in terms of playability, quality and money.

Washburn X40pro is also another option.

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