Great day for me. I was able to return my line 6 before my 30 days was up at GC and swapped it for a VOX valvetronics AD30VT-XL. Way better I think. Also bought and put in a set of 81 85's in my epi Les Paul. I now say "hell yeah" insted of "what the hell". One question though if I get a fullblown tude amp someday, will I again be blown away by the improvement in tone over what I have? I hope so I'm starting a Marshall fund today.
Yes, you will find the difference between a valve/tube amp and your Vox even greater than between the line6 and the Vox.

That is providing you spend enough on a tube amp, and not a Valve Junior etc, although I would prefer their tone to the Vox even.

Any of the high end valve Marshalls will sound much better - stay away from the mode four, mg series, avt series, etc... but they aren't valve
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yup, infact the main reason you'll be blown away is because a single tube such as the one in that vox makes practically no difference (though on the vox it apparantly does more so than other valve state, transtube or whatever amps)

compare that to 3 or 4 pre-amp valves and maybe 2 (a good number to me) power amp valves of a full valve amp and ,,, well you do the maths lol
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thanks for the imput friends. Im going to try to learn more about that valve swap youve mentioned.
Those active EMG's won't do a great deal of good into a moddeling combo, I wouldn't think. If you have't installed the EMG's yet, I'd wait to drop them in until you have a good tube amp.