oke straight to point
i want to buy a little tube amp 5W-15W. and i was wondering what you guys think about the amps(= harley beton ga5, epi VJ, fender champ 600, epi valve standard or fender superchamp xD)ohter suggestion are welcome.

(price range €100-€400)
The Harley benton is just a cheaper clone of the VJ with a tone knob.

The VJ is a gorgeous little amp, a lot of sound coimng from it, really warm and rich.

The Champ reissue was meh. Sounded a bit thin, it was pretty damn quiet and didnt appeal much to me.

Thats all ive tried.

But yeah the VC15/LC15R are worth a look.
oke thx, i think that i gonna try the VC15/LC15R and de VJ/Harley benton next week in the local musicstore
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