Ok so my friend told me to help him do something on runescape (i dont play it by the way) But when i tried to go to www.runescape.com it said 'forbidden' error 403? Have i been banned from the site or something?!

Thx in advance!
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Hmmm that depends, do you have an account?

Yeah........ ive not used it in a while though
EDIT: level 7 LOL
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kinky = using a feather , perverted = using whole chicken.

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Yeah but you're account gets deleted after 6 months anyway.

no, I used to play it, but I quit almost two years ago, and yesterday I logged in to show my brother why he should never start playing it, and it remembered my account
Needless to say, I will never log in again
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Well theres your problem
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looks like the server admins banned a whole range of IP addresses belonging to your ISP. so you have someone on your ISP to blame for that

u could mabye email them and see if they can unban urs specifically
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