Ive taough myself how to play gutiar since....like july and Im a little stuck. Im getting better, but its getting a lot slower. I just dont know what to practice. I dont know much scales, my imrpovising sucks, but my technique is ok. I bassickoly play straight from technique...I just read tabs and play them. I can do a lot of songs though like knights of cydonia fine. What do i need to practice in my practice time now? THat its what i dont know.
Practice your chords, modes, scales, shapes, and different techniques. I know that learning scales and shapes helped me solo and improvise alot better. Dont just learn the songs, learn the stuff that will help make you a better guitarist.

Minor and Major Pentatonic scales are EASY PEASY

Learn them first, it will take time to learn, understand, and improvise around them, but it WILL click eventually, and you'll be fine. Then move onto the major mode scales, they are alot trickier, but more rewarding

Also, search google, (or UG) for left hand exercises that strengthen your left hand (hammer on pull off stuff). At first, they tire the sh1t out of your hand, but a few minutes a day and you get great results
Practice anything you cant do.

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Remember your not limited to what you can learn. You have all the resources in the world right here on UG. Dont be afraid to try anything.
learn not onli the stuff you lik but also the stuff u dont lik but is harder to challenge you as a player and might also make you apreciate music more
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