Some guy on craigslist said he will trade his DBD Tribute guitar for my Kay les paul model. Does the Dean play good at all? My main style is Metal and Rock. I need a guitar that I know can play great. Teh guy who is selling me it says he traded his Shcecter for it, and he has hardly played it. Here is a pic of the guitar:
well it makes me wonder why he barely played it. you know what i mean?
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He said he didn't suit his style of playing. He plays metal, but he say she uses his BC Rich Warlco for it.
it'll do for a starter metal guitar
but i wouldn't consider it good
I can't stand watching people waste their money on horrible gear.
The specs look fine. The vocalist in my band has an ML Noir XT. It plays really well and has similar specs (except the bridge).
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