Hey I was wondering if there were any big differences between these two schecters

Omen 6

006 Deluxe

By differences I mean in reliability, sound, etc. My problem is I've heard that the Omen 6 is amazing for the price and a great all-round guitar, but, I really like the look of the 006.
I was just wondering if anyone had either of these guitars and could tell me a little bit about them, or if anyone knows any significant differences between them. Thanks for any help I really appreciate it.
well..ones 22 frets and ones 24, otherwise its all stock schecter hardware and electronics
Yeah the Omen 6 is fricken awesome. It looks even cooler in person than in picture. I think it sounds pretty darn awesome for te price, too.

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i have a 006 deluxe and its a really nice guitar. its very sturdy and has some weight to it. all the omen 6s ive played have been kindof light a cheaper feeling compared to it. but maybe im just biased because i own one
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I'm getting a 006 extreme in a couple of weeks with a free case....Very nice
I have played the 006 once, good guitar. Haven't tried the omen though.

You might want to save up a wee bit more and get a higher end one.