Hey, I just got my first guitar with a floyd 2 days ago, and I set it up (intonation, action), but the stupid b string has fret buzz a little on the 1st fret. I want to get rid of this, but not really cuz that would mean I have to raise the bridge right? And the action is so beautifully low and all the other strings are perfect except for that one. What do I do??
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As long as you dont hear the buzzing through your amp then id leave it

With electric guitar theres always gonna be a little buzzing here and there especially with low action!
you might need to adjust the truss rod, or file down some frets
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no, dont file anything.

like asked? is it going thru the amp?

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yeah... doubtful it's a fret issue since it's one string. have you raised the string height a little to see where the buzz goes away at?