K, I bought a Epiphone Les Paul 1956 Electric Guitar with P-90s Reissue
although it doesn't have the P-90s in it they jipped into it with some stock standard pups.
So I'm rocking this les paul and a Marshall MG250DFX amp.
and i am looking to put some better pickups in it.
I like playing metal and rock styles.
i've looked at EMG 81/85combo and the KFK Combo. and all sorts of Duncans but i dont know what to go with.
I listen to Atreyu, A7X, MCR, Used, TBS,Alkaline Trio, FAB, CKY...
so whatta you think what should i go with?
send helpful sugs to : epiphone_kid_18@yahoo.com
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pickups aren't going to solve your tone issues methinks.
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