Please PM ME with pic and price of the pedal you have.

Don't post here, as people will steal my buys! hehe
What kinda pedals are you looking for?

Ive got :

Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster
Toadworks lil leo
Digitech Multichorus
DOD 250
I have a few for sale or trade.
MXR Wylde OD
Digitech Bad Monkey OD
Morley Power Wah/Volume with boost
Arion Stereo Phaser like new in box
Washburn/ built by Boss Distortion
I'm looking for distortion pedals..

Im not spending more than 30$ though.
check out my post i have 2 pedals on ebay both at a steal price. one is a electro harmonics phase shifter 4800 for 65 buy now. it has the ac/dc addaptor with it. the other is a digitech whammy for 160 by now. i need to sell these. look