right now i play teh guitar, bass, organ piano, trumpet and some/little harmonica.

i was thinking about picking up the violin

is it difficult to play and learn?
and is it at all similar to the guitar?
Youll need, as opposed to guitar, bass and other instruments, a teacher to develop right technique... Its one of the harder instruments to learn
Odds are, are that it will take quite a bit more practice to be decent at.
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I think it's not at all like guitar. Also, I think you pretty much need a teacher, but I think there was someone in here who played violin and was self-taught? Try searching, there was a topic about it like a month ago or something (wait until the search bar works again).
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The thing with the violin is that it's a very unforgiving instrument, it's very hard to play something that sounds good at the very beginning even with simple tunes, unlike a guitar or a bass where it's relatively simple to learn a simple tune that you recognise/like. I'd recommend a teacher, and a lot of perserverence (sp?). I quit after a year when i was younger becasue no matter how much I tried i couldn't play the tunes I like.
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do it man. im gonna do that too. i think its the first 4 strings of a guitar just in reverse order.

no it's tuned in 5ths, so it's GDAE
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Yeah its hard. Like Sinan said.... its a very unforgiving instrument. If you want to do it though you should, but beware that doing too many things instrument wise, may lead to not having enough time to do any of them very well. Youll have to be the judge of that though, if you have the time, and the desire... go for it.
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dude, seriously i wouldn't bother, it's not something you just pick up.

Ever heard the expression "jack of all trades?" Don't be one, focus one what you can do and get better. Drop an instrument altogether for a year, you'd be surprised how little you forget..I dropped the flute about a year ago and taken it back again, Im doin grade 8 after a month. Try it.

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the hardest part about a violin is the bowing technique. i play a violin and it really wasn't that hard to pick up. i actually cheat a little and have it tuned EADG. it works because i tend to play psychobilly, folk-punk, and metal, but it makes bowing a little harder.
just start off with really simply tunes until you can bow without screeching, scraping, sliding, and generally making a lot of unpleasant noise. once you have that down the rest is quite easy.
I know a few people who have tried to pick up the violin in high school by joining the Orchestra, but ultimately dropped it because it is very hard for alot of people to pick up the bowing technique, even with prior musical knowledge. You can try, but don't expect to just pick it up.
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I was thinking of learning Cello (Much cooler than Violin I reckon). But I decided to just focus on guitar and keyboard/piano, for the reason Munky gave. Besides, I'm too poor to afford all these instruments that take my fancy!
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I've played it since 5th Grade and I blow at it. Partially because I lack interest in it, but also because it's a really fucking hard instrument to play.
Its a very expressive instrument and theres alot to be learnt i would say its hard, and thats cos ive played it too