I have an epiphone les paul 100 that i really like, the only problem is it doesn't stay in tune very well. I want to upgrade the guitar so it stays in tune perfectly. What parts should I change? And what are some parts to use, models or companys or whatever. Thanks for any help.
^^or schaller. thers also a reeplacement fine tuner bridge that gibson make tthats ment to b gd
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Graphite nut. If u can find a self-lubricating one, thats even better. And itll help with sustain and sound. Grover tuners are probably the least expensive tuners thaty are really good. Scallers or Sperzels are probably the best ones, but are sooo heavy and are maybe $70 a set.
the cheapest way is to get a graphite nut. but you can also put some graphite(from a pencil) on your nut, just losen up the strings and take them out of the nut and put the graphite in. it will help pretty good. it will help very good if you use a little vasaline with graphite in it.
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Stetch your strings for like 10 or 15 minutes before you bring them up to tuning tension when you change them. That way they don't detune after bends and such.
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why does the graphite nut help compared to bone or plastic?
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