So i have an original Fender Super Reverb Amp (http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0217600000. Im trying to fix it up because it seems to have a few problems in the electronics. Not sure what it is exactly though. I tried looking up the schematics on the fender site but they seem to be for the Re-issue as seen in the link above. The electronics in my amp are pretty old, they are literally stuck on a piece of cardboard and you can tell it was hand wired. So the schematics dont match, does anyone know where i could find schematics for an original one? Or would i have to directly contact Fender for that.

Also for those who know about amps, one of the problems is that when the Reverb is hooked up it makes a fuzzing noise whenever I play, and it varies depending on what level the reverb is set on and it is gone when it is unplugged. Happen to know what may cause this?

As well as the fuse always blows whenever i play without a pedal (i use a metal master and it seems to regulate the sound levels, meaning that i can only hit it so hard to increase the volume, whereas without the pedal i have a broader range) So whithout the pedal if i have it at anywhere past 5 and i hit it hard the fuse blows.

So if you can help me on any of these i would be very gratefull.
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Did you try googling it?

When I did I got this site
It provided schematics and layouts to many fender amps and has 5 seperate schematics to Super Reverbs hopefully one of which is yours.

Also your link ain't workin