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hey there,

I'm running out of ideas when I'm jamming with my band,
after a while I start to use the same notes chords with the
same rhythm.
any one knows have to avoid this, or his some tips?

thanks in advance, Farether
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learn some more theory
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Listen to other types of music.

flickr you might
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Throw out all preconcieved notion and let your fingers do the talking. Or, sit down for a while and think up some funky stuff in your head, and figure it out on the 'board. I do that all the time, it works.
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learn some more theory

Oh come on man, that won't help. He's playing the chords because they are what's comfortable for him, guitar virtuoso's are often stuck in the same rut[just look at steve vai].

Get yourself some music education, get listening to bands that you wouldn't normally listen to. I play along with bands like RHCP's and RATM, do I like them? No. Its just a different style to how I normally play. Get out there and learn some different stuff.
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Learn some new songs. Sometimes new riffs can open your eyes to new possibilities.

I remember in an interview one time Steve Vai said he would just limit himself to a few notes and then make a riff out of that. Try doing that.
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Yeah, the best thing you can do is learn new songs and licks and listen to a more diverse kind of music. It should enhance your horizons.
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Listen to music that doesn't even have the same instruments as your band. Try some Celtic music, maybe some polka-style stuff, or even tribal music from different countries. I caught myself earlier today, during a jam, playing a melody line originally played on an ocarina in a Celtic piece on my guitar.

It was frickin' sweet.
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To get out of a rut, you just have to step outside of your comfort zone. Take risks when your jamming, it's just practice right? So it's okay if you hit some wrong notes while experimenting. Basically you just have to mess around a little.