i use a vox AD30VT amp. with my boss metalcore distorter. along with my peice of crap newbie guitar that is an imitation of a fender. when ever i turn my distorter on, it statics and screeches.

i had this problem with my walmart bought, lyon distorter. but that was a piece, (i had a 15-watt amp when i was using that 2)

so the questoin is... is this static normal, if not how do i fix it.
The screeching sounds like you're standing too close to your amp with your guitar.

The static could be its a bad guitar/amp (no offense at all) or maybe you just have the tone all the way up, which can sometimes cause even more static.
Yeah, that was the screeching ty.
for some reason my gain makes a loud buzz, i have to have almost 0 gain..normal?

also, is it possible that a computers screen, and water from a water bed to cause sound problems with my setup?
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