They're not. Rather you ****ing like it or not, they're not. A coach that cheats. I can say that and it's already known. But may you know that take away Randy Moss, and your faggot ass Tom Brady, and you don't have a team. They'res a huge HUGE HUGE UNERLINED, ITALLIC, BOLD, 72 FONT I IN THE PATRIOTS TEAM. Us steelers, we can play without polamalu, who is the vibe of the defense, Willy, the 2nd leading rusher in the nfl , Santonio and Hines, Heath, Marvel Smith (linemen), but if you take one player away from your team, they hesitate... This is bull****. Yes you say my POV is with the steelers, but quite frankly, I could give less a **** if we were tied with the Dolphins. Hell, if the Patriots win the super bowl, I'd shoot myself. It's just a disgrace, to see a team go undefeated, because their coach can go and sneek around and cheat by finding out things about other teams.

I'm sorry to any of you who don't like the Patriots.

And to who do, you probally jumped their bandwagon... I've been a steelers fan my whole 14 years of living. **** you fairweathered fans.

/end rant
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What the hell are you talking about..?
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You're just jealous
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Dude the Pats are a good team but they have ALOT of luck. Three ****in times they got stopped by the Ravens and they had penalties on all 3.
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yeah, fuck the Patriots. Tom Brady can go suck a nut.

I only say that because I keep on losing money betting against them.
I agree that the Patriots are overrated, but I don't think you're going to convert anyone to your point of view by posting a rant on the internet, much less on a guitar site.
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You're just jealous




We have 5 super bowl rings! How am I jealous? We're 9-3 with a first year coach... wow. you truly are an idiot. I'm very proud of Mike Tomlin, the steelers, the Rooney's, Bill Cowher, Chuck Noll, and The team as a hole. The Patriots however,

This is their first good decade, yes yes they went to the super bowl in '85 (or whatever year it was), and got raped. I'd pay ONE BILLION DOLLARS TO SEE THAT AGAIN.
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that was kind of a random blog, and I'm not a Patriots fan but u can't say they've only got 2 star players. What about Bruschi, and the entire defence. The entire team is talented just like the Stealers.
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