Im 17. Ive been playing for almost 4 years. im not stranger to any type of music i play them all im very serious about my passion which is music. I want to make it a career i don't have a band. im just looking for advice on how to get exposed and get out there in the music world if u have any suggestions or positions avalibe message me im very friendly and i don't have a problem talking to anyone

thanks jon
Easy tiger, slow down.

We're all serious here

Just watch the pit for a few days, take it easy.
Maybe set up ad's in a newspaper or create a topic on this forum to see if you could put a band together if thats what you want. When you get a band, create some songs dependent on what genre of band you want to be (A.K.A Punk, Rock, Metal etc.).

Set up a Myspace profile too if you've got a way of recording your music and get people everywhere listening to the music you create, its a good way to get your music exposed.
that definitly will help im going to try everything i can but i dont want to rush it either if u come up with anything else let me know thanks =]
if you've got facebook thats a great way to find people who might be interested in jamming with you who are in the same area.