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well here i go
where i am supossed to conect the microphone?
most places where i used to practice with my band connected everything to a PA system and then to the speakers

but now i am practicing in my friends house and i dont know where tu put the mic
all we got are guitar and bass combo amps
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find an amp head/PA that can plug in a microphone, then hook it up to a speaker. you cant plug a microphone into guitar and bass combo amps
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In the normal input jack. Use the bass amp rather than the guitar amp. The bass amp will hold the lower frequency better, unless you have an abnormally high voice.
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you'll need to get a connection that'll fit in a 3/4" input jack, i think.
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The failure that is the presence on this humble site still astounds me. First off, do you have a dynamic mic or a condenser? If you have a condenser, you will need something 48v phantom power. If not, (I assume you don't have one) you simply need an XLR to 1/4 in. converter. These are not too pricey, I got mine for around 10-12 bucks.
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I'll say that - given the limited range of gear they have - the likelihood of it being a condensor is slim at the very best. Not impossible, though, so it could be a point well taken.

I've jammed using a mic plugged into an XLR input to a keyboard amp with some half-way reasonable success. A bass amp isn't that different. But then, sharing the bass amp between vocal and bass duties is less than ideal.

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